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Welcome to the wonderful world of COCKu

What is COCKu? I hear you ask.

Well, if you would have let me finish, I already would have told you.
You can be such an ass.
Well screw you!
I’m not going to tell you now.
No no.  You ruined it.
Oh, and it was going to be good.
You were going to laugh, but no!!!!  You had to be Mr. Interrupty Pants.
Well I don’t need your  crap!
Hey wait!  Where are you going?  Please don’t leave.
Oh god, I’m so lonely.
I’ll cut myself if you leave!
Can you live with that?   Can you?
That’s what I thought.
Suck ass
Anywho, I was saying, before being so rudely interrupted, COCKu is simply a haiku aboot  cock .  (duh)

What kind of cock? Who’s cock?  I hear you asking.
There you go again, dammit.
Why don’t you shut up and let me talk?

Here at Fist A Goat.com we love the  cock

Big cock, little cock, black cock, white cock, asian cock, Uzbek cock

cock cock cock!

Hold on a second……..Whew!  cock

We have a borderline obsession with the cock

No cock in particular, just  Cock

Cock is fun.

Just think of a cock you know.

Picture it in your mind.

Are you picturing it?   Good.

It’s funny looking, isn’t it?

Kind of makes you want to giggle doesn’t it?

Go ahead and laugh at it.

Funny cock! Funny cock!  Look at it go!  Go cock, Go!

Cock is so funny.

Even the word cock is funny.   Look at it:  C O C K

Hot damn, that’s funny!   It’s fun to say , too.

Go on…say it.   I bet you giggled didn’t you?  You know you did.

Say it a little louder.  That’s right.   Louder!  Louder!!  LOUDER!!

Now go outside and scream it!

Yell,  I LOVE COCK!!

Trust us, it’s liberating.

You love cock and you want the whole world to know.


Alright! Alright! Alright!  Reign it in chico.

Now that you know the exhilarating feeling of cock you can now understand our love of cock

You can also understand why we’ve taken to writing our feelings aboot cock in haiku.

We call them COCKu’s.   We hope that you enjoy them.

Now on to the COCKu’s!

COCKu is a beautiful literary form based on traditional Japanese haiku. Haiku is an un-rhymed verse form having three lines containing usually 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. Here at Fist A Goat we have taken this form to the next logical step, haiku aboot cock. Duh. Few subjects are so bountiful, bulbous, hairy, salty etc as cock.

So enjoy the COCKu’s below. We are sure that you will agree that COCKu is great. Then why not write your own COCKu’s? It’s easy and fun for kids of all ages. Be sure to email your COCKu to us at cocku@fistagoat.com and if we like them, we’ll add them to the collection.

Now on to the COCKu’s!